We offer a range of cleaning services based on a variety of frequencies and specifications, one of which we are sure can be tailored to your needs.

We of course use the best equipment, including back-pack vacuums and micro fibre flat mop systems to deliver an outstanding clean but we also know that there is no substitute on a site for an eye for detail, we therefore expect all team members to view their work with a critical eye to ensure the smallest of details are seen and dealt with.

In addition to the regular cleaning, we will carry out a number of other tasks as part of our remit which are equally important.

  • Bins will be pulled out of bin stores; the stores will then be litter picked, swept out thoroughly and disinfected.
  • Porch areas will be swept and litter picked even ensuring that small pieces of debris such as ring pulls or unsightly cigarette ends are all collected up.
  • All internal lighting will be checked and any blown bulbs will be replaced.
  • Similarly all external security lighting and porch lights will be tested and bulbs replaced as necessary.
  • Should lighting systems be run on timer clocks we will make sure that these are continually adjusted throughout the year so that lights are on when they need to be and not on wastefully during daylight hours.
"Staff trained to view their work with a critical eye"
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